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Chamber Jack Frost Raffle

Yesterday 10/25) was our first real frost--and I did find my ice scraper!   It was also the day when I picked up the 2016 Jack Frost Festival Chamber of Commerce $10,000 Raffle tickets from the printer.   Jack Frost Festival time has arrived, and the Chamber $10K raffle is an important part of the entire Festival.  At the drawing on 2 December, 9 cash prizes will be awarded:  1st = $5,000; 2nd = $2,000, 3rd = $1,000; 4th = $500; 5th = $500; 6th = $250; 7th = $250; 8th = $250; and 9th = $250.   ONLY TWO HUNDRED TICKETS ARE PRINTED!!   Each ticket costs $100, and folks are encouraged to go together as a group and purchase a ticket.  Last year we had 3 group winners!   Proceeds from this raffle are donanted to a wide range of community activities, and this raffle is the Chamber's principal fund-raiser for these contributions.   Watch this space for a listing of local businesses who will be selling the tickets.  If you want to buy your ticket today--stop by the Chamber office at 150 N. Lowell (the Historic Ironwood Depot) and I will be glad to sell you one!