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Inspiring Livelihood

When did you first decide to follow the career you now pursue?  Was it that first time of taking something apart and putting it back together?  First time doing art work that others praised?   First school trip to the local firehouse?   Being in the doctor's office and actually looking around at all the different types of activity there?   On Thursday, 23 February, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, 8th and 11th grade students from all the Gogebic County schools (and Hurley, WI) will arrive at Gogebic Community College for a combination Career Exploration Day and College Preview Day.  Over 45 area businesses, illustrating careers from motor mechanics, plumbing, nursing, public safety, and technology to writing/photography and forestry, will meet one-on-one with 8th and 11th grade students.   Organized by the Ironwood Chamber of Commerce, Gogebic Community College, and MichiganWORKS, this event partners with all county school districts in offering a very comprehensive look at the variety of careers that can be embarked upon right here in Ironwood and the Gogebic Range.  Many of these means of earning a livelihood do not require a four-year university degree, and in some cases, not even a two-year degree.   Additionally, the range of careers being showcased also represent area economic needs that need filliing in the days ahead.   Starting your own business, developing your own trade expertise, and entering into a business transitional relationship with an enterprise whose principals are looking to retire--these represent actual Gogebic Range economic opportunities that presently exist, and hopefully will be taken advantage of by some of the youngsters who will be attending.   The Ironwood Chamber of Commerce especially thanks all the individual contributions given by area businesses to help make this event a success, from individual student gifts and prizes, to monetary and in-kind donations to assist with the full range of activities involved.   The Chamber would especially like to thank all those area residents who purchased Jack Frost Raffle tickets this year, as the proceeds of that sale are playing a big part in defraying the food costs involved in this event.  BIG thank-you's as well to the GCC staff who crafted the scheduling, arranged the volunteers, prepared all the space arrangements, and offered direct leadership on the event day.  And lastly, a big thank-you to Brian Haanpaa, MichiganWORKS, who contacted and scheduled all of the participating businesses.