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Destination Ironwood

The all-new Ironwood Destination Guide has arrived from the printers!  Big thank-yous to those Chamber members who purchased marketing spaces and helped enable the publication of this Guide!  Layout and design were by Chamber member Sharp Graphic Design, with the Depot Office Guy here writing the text.  Many new and outstanding pictures from local photographers are showcased!   Those who remember the old guide will notice that the theme focus of the Destination Guide has changed from "just visiting" to "let's live there!"  Our goal was to show that while Ironwood has a storied past, it also has a vibrant and attractive future.  We have outstanding natural landscapes, that's for sure (which is a very powerful lure to folks who love the 4-season outdoors), but we also have a truly all-inclusive cultural and entreprenurial environment as well.  Ironwood is the ideal place to live for both young and old alike!  Looking for a place to start your own business?  Ironwood is that place!  Look over our new guide--and make Ironwood your destination!