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Ironwood Theater & Arts

Historic Ironwood Theatre
The Historic Ironwood Theatre opened in 1928, during the glory days of Ironwood area mining. In its early days, the Theatre was a vaudeville house, music hall, and silent movie palace. It was restored to its original grandeur during the 1900s and early 2000s. Built in the Italianate architectural style, it possesses all of the features you would expect of an early 20th century theatre: ornate wall and ceiling hand-painted murals, plenty of gilded ornaments, and a fine 7 rank Barton theater organ (one of only 6 Bartons nationwide that is still in its original location). With its excellent acoustics and well-designed seating, the Theatre has been the center of entertai...
Theatre North
Theater North is among the three oldest continuously operating community theatres in the United States. Formed in 1964, there have been over 130 productions on the Theatre North stage. Since 1987, Theatre North has had its own building and stage, located at 825 North Lake Street, Ironwood. Productions coming up are "You Can't Take It With You," (20-23 & 29-30 October) and "Sleigh Ride With The Claudettes" (8-10 December).

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