Bethany Ann Hellen
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111 South Lowell Street
Ironwood, Michigan 49938

Bethany Ann Hellen Studios, Inc.

At Bethany Ann Hellen Studios, we will always be committed to the well-being of the students first and foremost. No award, trophy, placement, title, attention, “likes” or popularity is worth jeopardizing the health and safety of the dancers.

While we abide by this philosophy and put it into action in all our classes at the studio, we decided to take an active stance by getting certified in the Youth Protection Advocates in Dance ( BAHS is currently the only YPAD certified studio in the Upper Peninsula & second studio in all of Michigan.

We are strongly committed to putting the dancers’ physical, emotional, and sexual safety first by always trying to use age-appropriate costumes and choreography and avoid using music with inappropriate content & references to drug use, sexual connotations, violence, explicit language, etc.

Dance should assist a child with their self-confidence & worth.   We always ask ourselves what our movements, music, and costume choices are saying to the audience about the way we value ourselves and others.  In the end, the dancer should always be put before the dance.