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Experiences are what we remember most of all!  What we have experienced traveling to the U.P. has changed our lives forever. It has offered us the perfect “break” away from our everyday lives and that has led to the birth of Clear Trail Properties. We knew the experiences we encountered couldn’t be kept a secret. We knew we had to share this with as many families as we possibly could.  Creating an experience that guests can have that “break” from the stresses of everyday life, are very important to us. We strive to make everything as perfect as possible for you when you arrive and make sure you have everything you need for your stay.

Clear Trail Properties offers U.P. vacation rentals and long-term rentals in the Ironwood, MI area.  Check out our website, where each property is described and where you can book them online!   Follow us on Facebook!  https://www.facebook.com/cleartrailproperties/

Now, come experience the U.P. with us! Oh, and don’t forget to get a pasty while you’re here!

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