Festival Ironwood


The The Festival Ironwood Organizing Committee met on February 8 and decided to go forward with the planning of a 2021 Festival.  It was acknowledged that, due to Covid-19, the public gathering regulations of the State of Michigan will be subject to change as this year moves forward.  It is possible that certain aspects of Festival form and structure might be different this year, depending on what regulations obtain in July.  Nevertheless, "all systems are go" for a full Festival Ironwood experience during the days of July 14 through July 17th.

It is not possible at this time to even begin to construct an official calendar of events beyond the following general high points:

  1. The Saturday Old Depot Park car show is being planned.
  2. The Saturday Craft & Vendor show is being planned.
  3. Musicians are being contacted and engaged.
  4. Tents have been reserved.
  5. Features such as the "Duck Pick" and the various outdoor games are being organized and planned to occur assuming regulations allow them.
  6. The regular Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening food specials are being planned.

Again, given existing regulations and unknown July regulations, it is impossible at this time to present an hour by hour calendar of events--and this may not even be possible until right up to July 1.  Nevertheless, the organizing committee is making every effort to have Festival Ironwood 2021 planned, structured, staffed, and READY TO GO on July 14.  Please follow the Festival Ironwood Facebook Page (give it a "like" as this is where the most immediate brief information will be shared).