Festival Ironwood


All the Festival Ironwood volunteers would like to thank everyone who came to this year's 2022 event!!  We experienced even more folks than last year!  The weather was great, and we had more craft vendors, more "Old Depot Cars", more music, more teams/individuals participating in events, and overall, just more activities for all!

Folks will now take a break for a few months before planning for Festival Ironwood 2023 begins in January.  The dates for Festival Ironwood 2023 are:  Wednesday, July 12 through Saturday, July 15th.  [Note:  as the committee often gets musician inquiries to perform for Festival in June, the important thing to realize is that bands/musicians are usually contracted for in February/March--so if your band has a Festival Ironwood interest, please contact the Festival early in the year, so Festival committee folks can come and hear your band.]

Although the primary focus of this page is Festival Ironwood, because the Gogebic County Fair is so close (both in location and time), we will be sharing a few Gogebic County Fair posts on this page in August.  So--please remember to like and follow the Festival Ironwood Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Festival-Ironwood-111502582226563/

Festival Ironwood daily 50/50 raffle winning numbers are:

Wednesday, yellow ticket, #779292; Thursday, green ticket, #747591; Friday, white ticket, #540969; Saturday, red ticket, #688345

Wed. July 13 - Sat. July 16, 2022

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