Jack Frost Festival




  1. Home Decorating Lights and Display Contest.  Winners are:  NON-THEME:  1st Prize = Merz, 339 East Pine Street, Ironwood; 2nd Prize = Davey, 1215 E. Margaret Street, Ironwood; 3rd Prize = Holst, E5262 E. Margaret Street, Ironwood.   THEME:  1st Prize = Siira, 1011 Peters Street, Wakefield; 2nd Prize = Klingforth, 616 E. Tamarack, Ironwood; People's Choice Award:  Siira, 1011 Peters Street, Wakefield.
  2. SISU Nordic Ski Festival will be a VIRTUAL EVENT this year.  Please go to https://www.sisuskifest.com/  to find details and entry forms.
  3. Norrie Club "Light Up The Night" Christmas tree burning.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this event has been moved to February (date to be announced).