Volunteer Opportunities


Organizations Seeking Volunteers!

Below are a variety of non-profit organizations in our area, so you can see about finding a match that meets your volunteer interests.


216 West Aurora Street, Ironwood
Phone:  906-932-4547
Email:  irwdsvdp@yahoo.com
Mission:  We help people!
Volunteer time commitment: Any time that you can give!
Volunteer skills: No special skills required.
Time:  Any time Monday -Friday, from 9am to 4pm.


Phone: 715-254-4104
Mission:  Promoting the sport of cross-country skiing; encouraging local tourism; advancing local pride.
Needs/Time commitment:  Before, during, and after the SISU Ski Fest, January 8, 2022
Skills and Requirements:  Various, both indoors and outdoors:  aid stations, road crossings, skier assistance, food service, set-up, clean-up, decorating, First Aid, bag drop driver.


Contacts:  Tara at adventurecoordinator@906adventureteam.com


FB:  https://www.facebook.com/906AdventureTeam

Mission: “Empowering youth to become the best version of themselves through outdoor adventure.”  We love bikes and we’re helping kids throughout the Upper Peninsula grow to love them too with After-School Mountain Bike Clubs, Adventure Bike club, Family Rides, and a High School Mountain Bike Team. 906 Adventure Team is about discovering new friendships, building resiliency, establishing healthy habits, and pursuing an activity equal parts sport, equal parts lifestyle, that can grow and change as you do.

Needs:   906 Adventure Team Gogebic County registration fills up in 4 days for our summer program.  Currently we allow 50 kids based on the number of coaches.  Next year we hope to recruit 5-10 more coaches so we can expand the program.  All you need is a mountain bike to coach—we’ll do the rest—we have a great training program, and you don’t need to be a great mountain biker to be a great coach for kids.

Time:   We meet every Wednesday at 6pm for 10 weeks during the summer, starting in late June through the end of August. Most of our program takes place at the Miners Memorial Heritage Park and some at Winman Trails in Manitowish Waters.

Skills:   We will provide the training—you just need to show up and bring a bike.  Much of the training is online.

Heritage Chapter – Wisconsin

Bethany Thomas:  sally65bones@gmail.com

Our Chapter is responsible for a hiking trail from Copper Falls State Park to the Michigan State line.  We have built approximately 16 miles of trail, and are now building from HWY 169 parking lot south of Gurney to Wren Falls.  We use hand tools primarily, and we also maintain the existing trail with mower, weedwhacker, and chainsaw.

Time:  Volunteers usually work once a month on a weekend.  A full day on Saturday and until noon on Sunday.  Some volunteers work parts of these hours, while others work during the week for a single day here and there.

Skills:  Volunteers are generally in pretty good physical shape for our work is similar to gardening in that we clean and smooth the trail by moving soil, digging up small stumps, and removing rocks.


906-575-3438 ext. 103


GOGSC is a partnership of parents and community citizens who work together to ensure that every child reaches his or her potential and enters Kindergarten safe, healthy, prepared for learning, and eager to succeed in school and life.

Location:  We hold meetings bi-monthly in Bergland, MI at the Gogebic-Ontonagon Intermediate School District. Our Great Start Parent Coalition holds parent networking nights, organized playgroups, symposiums, and trainings frequently throughout both counties.

Needs:  We are looking for families and community members for any volunteering for our GSC or our Family Coalition Groups.


The council is a prevention group made up of community members who are working to educate/support the community and break stigma around mental health diseases, suicide, and mental crisis.

Needs:    We are looking for any community members to join us in our efforts to help prevent and educate our communities, and help us to also make decisions to utilize the funding to help our communities in education and prevention.  Your time and dedication can be based on the time you are willing to help out.




Mission:   Locally based family friendly entertainment.  The Fair is held annually the second weekend of August.

Needs:   During the Fair:  we need ticket sellers, gatekeepers, clerks, cleaners, & shuttle drivers a few hours every day of the Fair or whatever time you have to share with us.     The week before the Fair:  we need volunteers to help in cleaning the Expo building, maintaining flower plantings, cleaning ticket booths, placing reminder signs around the grounds—a few hours or a few days of help—we appreciate it all!    Preceding the Fair in June, July and August:    planting, watering, and maintaining flower beds; painting around the grounds; general fixup and maintenance; picking up rocks in the horse arena and harness track, etc.    After the Fair:   Picking up trash around the grounds, removing signage, cleanup in the barns and Expo building—an hour a day or a whole day—all is helpful.   Large projects:  Ticket booths need major repair or replacement, basic carpentry and design skills needed.


Mary Hansen:  906-364-6359

Lynne Wiercinski:  906-932-4789

Mission:  The ASDC was created for students in grades 6-12 who want to experience any part of theatre:  acting, creating costumes, makeup, set design, etc.  The group is open to students from Hurley, Ironwood, Bessemer, and Wakefield. The Ironwood Carnegie Library is one of the co-facilitators of the club.

Needs:   The ASDC seeks volunteers to help throughout the year based on the club’s activities.  Volunteers are needed to help with play practices, publicity, and other tasks.



715-561-2244; 303 Iron Street, Hurley, WI

FB Messenger:  Iron County Wisconsin Historical Society Museum

Mission:  The ICHM seeks to preserve the past and give life to our region’s history.  The Museum is open for visitors to tour at various times during the week (seasonal hours).  Lectures and special events are held annually. Volunteers in the weaving room use looms to create rugs, runners, and placemats.

Needs:    The museum is open M, W, F, & Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm from April to October, and W, F, Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm from November to March.  Volunteers are welcome to come in on the days that work for them.

Skills:    We are looking for volunteers in these areas:  Weaving Room (cutting fabric into strips and/or sewing the strips together); Housekeeping (dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming); Displays/Maintenance (putting together displays, hanging pictures, and light maintenance work).


Cathy Flory:  cathy@northwindcoop.org


Mission:  To provide a marketing and purchasing outlet for primarily natural, organic, unprocessed foods and related items at a minimum price on a non-profit basis; to educate and promote to the community healthy lifestyles, wellness, and a whole foods diet emphasizing natural, organic, and unprocessed foods; to educate the community to the benefits and potentials of our and other cooperatives.

Needs:  Cooperatives derive their strength from the active participation of their members.  Participating in the Working Member program at NNFC has many benefits and tasks that need doing:  Graphic Design (flyers, brochures, and newsletters); Cooperative Outreach (be a part of brainstorming, planning, and putting into action ways of keeping the Co-op involved in the community); Educational Classes or In-store Demonstrations (cooking, health and wellness, and more).

Skills:   Do you have a talent or skill?  Talk to us and we will find a way to put your enthusiasm to work.  We are happy to create volunteer opportunities based on individual schedules.



Mission:  Wolverine Nordic is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization with the mission to preserve and promote Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, biking, and lifelong physical fitness on the Gogebic Range of the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northwestern Wisconsin.

Needs:  We are looking for volunteers to help with summer and winter trail maintenance for the bike, ski, and snowshoe trails with work bees in the summer and wood gathering in the fall.  Opening and closing of the chalet during the ski season once a week.  Helping with Wolverine fundraiser events and help with the Wolverine Snowshoe Challenge during February 5 – 26th, 2022.


Helen Fashbaugh:  hfash@charter.net

Judy Holst:  jholster@charter.net

Theatre: 906-932-4371

Connie Pricco:  906-364-9035

Mission:  The mission of Theatre North is to produce quality live theater to the Gogebic Range, engaging community members in performance and all aspects of production; and to serve as a venue for cultural activities throughout the surrounding area, often extending outreach to schools and other arts organizations.

Needs:   TN is looking for volunteers of all ages to perform, work behind the scenes (set-building, property gathering, painting, building costumes), to work on backstage crews during performance, help with make-up, assist in marketing, fund-raising, staffing the box office.  We also seek those interested in directing, musical directing, stage managing, and lighting and sound design.

Skills:    Various, depending upon the tasks required.



Mission:  the mission of the DAP is to promote and sustain the creation and appreciation of the visual arts in the greater Ironwood area, encompassing Gogebic and Ontonagon Counties in Michigan and Iron and Vilas Counties in Wisconsin. The DAP is also dedicated to supporting and promoting local and regional artists in its galleries, gift shop, studios, and arts education, while being committed to partnering with its neighbor, the Historic Ironwood Theatre.

Needs:  Weekly/Monthly as available:  Gallery desk workers; friendly, engaging, art-loving volunteers who are comfortable working with a computer to help fill in and staff the Gallery’s front desk on occasional afternoons (Tuesday – Sunday from 12 – 4 p.m.) or evenings during special events (First Fridays, during Theatre performances, etc.). We also need occasional work-bee volunteers to help with building projects (cleaning, painting, etc.).  Art Classroom Helpers are also needed to assist the DAP Art Teacher during art classes.


Email:  benicer@nicer715.com


FB:  @NICERnorthernironcountyengagedresidents

Instagram: @nicer.715

Mission:  Our mission as a group is to work to enhance our communities through events and community initiatives that create a sense of belonging and develop a healthy, vibrant, and welcoming community for all residents.  Past events of NICER include the Spooking Trail Walk, Hygge Hike, Backyard Adventure Month, Earth Da Cleanup, and he planning, building and fundraising for the NICER Community Garden in Montreal.

Needs:  You are able to volunteer as much or as little as you wish.  Our events typically need volunteers for a few hours to help with set-up or tear-down, and manning various “stations” through the events.  We are also looking for volunteers to assist with planning events.

Skills:    No special skills are required to volunteer for any of our events.  The only requirement is that you have a positive attitude and enjoy having fun working with others.


Christine Luxton:  christine.luxton@redcross.org


Mission:    The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.  We have disaster service volunteers who help with disasters such as fires, flooding, etc.  We also have our blood service where we organize our resources within the community to collect blood from volunteer donors for our hospitals and patients in need.

Needs:    The American Red Cross is seeking caring people to serve as blood drive volunteers for our Red Cross blood drives.  We need help spreading the word about the drives as well as help with donor registration and donor recovery (snacks) during the blood drives.  The job is not complicated and paperwork is minimal.  Frequency of blood drives varies from monthly to every two months.  The blood drives are generally 4-5 hours and volunteers can sign up for one hour or for the entire drive.

Skills:    We need positive, well-organized individuals who want to help save lives. There are no special skills required.  Our Red Cross crew will train each volunteer and support them completely during the drive.  Quite often friends will work as a team and share responsibility.  It is fun!!


Will Corcoran:  906-364-5672

Keith Johnson:   906-364-4316

FB:  Festival Ironwood

Mission:  Festival Ironwood is a local Ironwood summer festival that takes place the third full week in July, from Wednesday through Saturday.  It is a celebration of summer activities and groups in the community that provide experiences for all ages.  Many of the activities are free to participants, such as musical entertainment, dancing, & games.

Needs:  Set-up normally begins on Sunday afternoon of Festival Week.  Volunteers are needed to help with setting up tables, chairs, vendor spaces, lights, fencing, signage, picnic tables, duck-pick pond, trout pond, garbage receptacles, and more, including the installing of decorative lights and stage lights.   Tear-down starts the following Sunday morning with the removal of the tables, chairs, vendor spaces, fencing, signage, lights, etc.  Volunteers are needed to set-up, constant hauling of garbage, and tear-down.




Mission: The Chamber is an association of businesses and organizations that work together to foster our community’s economic, social, and cultural well-being and while promoting our area the greater world at large.

Needs:  Very part-time seasonal and event-focused office and event help, especially during Jack Frost (December), Festival Ironwood (3rd week in July), and the Chamber booth at the Gogebic County Fair in August.

Skills:  Volunteers need to be cheerful, good with meeting with the public, and have a reasonably good acquaintance with Ironwood area attractions, resources, and history.

Time:   Two principal times:  Jack Frost Festival (looking for Jack Frost parade helpers/leaders) as well as help in the Chamber office with the big December all-member U.S. mailing; Festival Ironwood time in July—looking for area knowledgeable counter greeters to welcome visitors and former residents when they come into the Depot.



P.O. Box 183, Hurley, WI 54534

Mission:    The ICFM is dedicated to provide an outlet for area growers and artisans to sell locally grown and handmade products, while at the same time providing an education forum for customers to learn the uses and benefits of buying locally produced products that will enhance their quality of life and foster social activities in our community.

Needs:   The ICFM has volunteer opportunities that include helping at the market on Wednesdays (3-6) and Saturdays (10-1), assisting with the preparation of Special Events at The Market, and helping with upkeep at the market building and grounds.


Randi Jackson:  rjackson99@charter.net

Mission:    Supporting women, working together to uplift our community.

Needs:   Time is 2 hours a month for meetings and time for fundraising—approximately 10-15 hours per year.

Skills:  No skills needed, but must have worked at some point in their life.


Jerry Nezworski:  jerrynezworski@gmail.com



Mission:   Maintain and expand motorized recreational trails across the western half of Gogebic County. We have no off-season—we function 12 months a year—so there are never-ending opportunities!

Need/Opportunities:    Daily working in our shop, maintaining facility exterior, making tool lists for purchase, working on organizing the shop.  Winter season:  grooming area trails; inspecting trails and fixing/making signage, fixing broken equipment, responding to downed trees from storms.  Non-winter season:  closing gates and pulling signs, posting trail cameras, facility maintenance, grading and brushing trails.   Office:   Badly need website development help—someone to add content and keep it updated.

Skills:    Looking for strong computer skills to help bring our membership process into a new era; seeking young able-bodied mechanics to assist our team with larger tasks; we will train anyone willing to do any task they can legally do (age 18+ to run equipment); help at our annual banquet and in-season fundraisers.  We can pick you up and drop off if no personal vehicle.



FB:  https://www.facebook.com/SISUDirtCrew


Mission:   SISU Dirt Crew is all about mountain biking in the U.P. and having a good time while doing it. Our main mission is to build, maintain, and advocate for mountain bike trails in Gogebic and Iron Counties.

Needs:   During spring, summer, and fall we are looking for volunteers to help us maintain trails at Copper Peak, Miners Memorial Heritage Park, and other local trails.  Help is also needed at our annual Copper Peak Trails Fest Mountain Bike Race in September.  In the winter we maintain Fat Bike Trails at Snow Summit Road, next to Big Powderhorn.

Skills:   All levels of interest are welcome:  manual labor on trails, specialty skills in marketing/organization.

Contact:  We meet the second Thursday of every month and are looking for new members and volunteers.


Contact: Jeanne Walston jkwalston@centurytel.net


Mission:  to preserve the cultural heritage of the Finnish people in our area.

Volunteer commitment:  Work in our gift shop, help with various activities, and we could use someone with building skills occasionally.

Skills: Promptness, good customer interactive skills

Time:   Gift shop is open 10 – 2 on Tuesday and Saturday, April through December.  Most activities are during the summer.

Ni-Miikanaake Chapter - Michigan


Mission:  The North Country Trail Association (NCTA) develops, maintains, and helps protect and promote the North Country National Scenic Trail as the premier hiking path across the northern tier of the United States.

Needs:  Our chapter is seeking volunteers of all kinds!  Most of our volunteer work is seasonal and volunteers can help out as little or as much as they’d like!  We also have a need for members who can help be “trail angels,”where you can be added to a list to help transport hikers from one point to another or help them reload on supplies.


Volunteer coordinator = Matt Agee:  magee@regionalhospice.org



Mission:  To provide compassionate care and support to patients with life-limiting illnesses and end of life conditions.

Needs:  We seek volunteers to help with caregiver respite and companionship for patients. Volunteers receive thorough training and provide care in patient homes.  The next volunteer training is anticipated to be in the spring of 2022.

Time:  Varies depending upon patient need.





Mission:    To strive to provide equitable access to materials and service which support the educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the entire community.

Time:   Do you have a few hours a week?  Or maybe time now and then?  We can be adaptable!

Opportunities:   Book Reviewers/writers—persons interested in writing reviews of books for our website and social media sites; Fundraising---persons to help develop and implement fundraising activities for the library; Technology—persons to assist and train patrons in using/understanding technology and online resources such as Libby, etc., in person and virtually; Program Assistance—persons who enjoy working with children (and others!) and are willing to help staff with program prep, conducting programs, etc.;  Light housekeeping—dusting, sweeping, mopping, etc.; Snow removal during the day—we need someone who can clear off the steps and ramp periodically throughout our open hours.


Carol Erickson:  cberickson5@gmail.com

Lynne Wiercinski:  906-932-4789

Mission:  The Friends group was created to assist the library with fundraising and community awareness activities.  They usually conduct two large used book sales per year, plus several smaller fundraisers.  Paid memberships allow “first picks” at the book sales.

Needs:   The Friends always appreciate working members who are willing to help with all of the duties involved in their fundraising activities as they take place throughout the year.




P.O. Box 261, Ironwood, MI 49938

Mission:  HOPE Animal Shelter is a private, non-profit, tax-exempt organization committed to caring for unwanted animals and providing them with preventative medical treatment, food, and shelter until we can find them a new home.  HOPE believes that all life should be revered and that all living creatures should be treated with kindness and respect.

Volunteer Positions:    Walking Dogs (Walkers are needed daily throughout the day. Walkers need to be physically able to control any dog they walk and you must be 18 years of age or older.  Volunteers need to be patient and have compassion toward animals and an understanding of animal behavior & how to work with them is helpful); Socializing Cats (the more human contact they have, the more adoptable they are—volunteer orientation is needed before handling, petting, or grooming any cat); Shelter/Kennel/Cat Room Cleaning (Cleanliness is important for maintaining a healthy, happy environment for the animals.  Volunteers need to be patient with animals and have a high tolerance for noise and odor.  Duties include washing dishes, doing laundry, washing walls, maintaining the grounds, and shoveling snow.  Proper dress is important including waterproof footwear); Office Worker (Putting together adoption packets, addressing and stuffing envelopes, making name tags, etc.  Neatness and accuracy are important and confidentiality is a must); Fundraisers (Tasks can vary greatly from helping with promotion, making signs/posters, working in floats for parades, manning booths, etc.  Helping with a fundraiser can be done either behind the scenes or working directly with the public.  Requirements are a pleasant personality, dependability, and the ability to follow directions); Other (If you have any type of professional skill such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, dog and cat grooming, grant writing, artistry, public speaking, etc., then we need you!!



Rick Semo:  906-364-1495

FB:  Miners Memorial Heritage Park

MMHP, P.O. Box 52, Ironwood, MI 49938

Mission:  To preserve and enhance the area the Park encompasses. Discover, protect, and promote the rich mining history of the MMHP and the surrounding areas.  Create a healthy and fun outdoor recreation environment, helping to facilitate such silent sports as walking, skiing, snowshoeing, and biking.

Needs:   Volunteer needs include having help with the following:  Trail building, maintaining, and signage; discovering and improving historical sites, grooming ski trails & packing snowshoe trails; serving on the Board of Directors, visioning and planning; maintaining equipment.

Skills:   Anything and everything.  We need people willing to do mild physical activities, such as trimming brush, weed whacking, raking, etc.  We need people to operate our grooming equipment and mowers.  We very much need people who can do modest mechanical work on machines.  We can also use computer skills, writing, planning—anyone who wants to see the park grow and improve can help.  There is a way to use whatever you can give



FB:  Friends of the Iron Belle Trail

Mission:  The Friends of the Trial (FOT) was created to help the Western Gateway Trail Authority promote and maintain our segment of Michigan’s Iron Belle Trail which currently stretches from Ironwood to Ramsay.  The Bridges and Bluffs Half-Marathon is the annual fundraiser for the trail.

Needs:  Volunteers to mow, remove fallen trees, picking up litter, and removing invasive species.  Training will be provided in the Spring for mowers.  Volunteers are also needed for special events such as the annual Spring and Fall clean-ups and the Bridges and Bluffs race.  We enjoy having a presence at local community events such as the Bessemer and Ramsay 4th of July parades and the Ironwood Jack Frost Parade.


Ashley Dennis:  hampston@msu.edu


500 North Moore Street, Bessemer, MI

Mission:  4-H provides kids with community, mentors, and learning opportunities to develop the skills they need to create positive change in their lives and communities.

Needs:  Volunteers to help organize the 4-H Club, assisting with recruiting and enrolling members; acting as liaison between the club and the MSU Extension office, encourage members to participate in 4-H activities beyond the local club, and helping to foster youth opportunities that develop skills, learning process involvement, and creating pathways for the youth to contribute to the community as active citizens through service and leadership.

Requirements:  Successful completion of the MSU Extension Volunteer Selection Process; enjoy working with youth and other adults, ability to communicate with youth and other adults, be committed to the successful management of the club, be open and tolerant of anyone, regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, religion, age, height weight, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, or veteran status.  MSU provides leader training, curriculum and resource materials, and also mini-grants through the county and state when available.

Time:  Average of one hour of planning time for every one hour of club activity.  Special events (such as the Fair or Council Meetings) will vary.  Additional time may be committed at the discretion of the volunteer individual.


Andrea Newby:  andrea.newby@gogebicrangehf.org


Office:  906-364-7525

E6112 Bluff View Road, Ironwood, MI 49938

Mission:  The mission of the GRHF is to advance community health across the Gogebic Range by promoting healthy living through partnering with local organizations and agencies to create a healthy and active community.  We invest in projects that have a positive influence on the health of the Gogebic Range Community.

Needs:   Volunteer opportunities include:  GRHF Ambassador, collaboration fundraiser events, and annual fundraising event, and committee service.

Skills:  We are looking for volunteers who have a passion for living in or visiting Iron Co., WI and Gogebic Co., MI and value community health.  For special events, skills and tasks may include:  working with others, taking instruction, being outside, helping participants during a race, handling our registrations, food, and water, accepting money, etc.  The GRHF Ambassador positions may include ability and interest in posting on social media, attending community events to promote GRHF, attending GRHF fundraisers, working with a team of Ambassadors and the staff, etc.  Committee positions would require attending meetings, familiarity with using technology for virtual meetings, fundraising, working with others, and a willingness to learn about non-profit organizations and their management.


Joy Pelissero:  joypelissero@gmail.com

Jeanne Miller: 906-285-0135

FB:  Erwin Township Historical Society

Erwin Township Historical Society

P.O. Box 412

Ironwood, MI 49928

Mission:   The ETHS’s sole purpose is preserving the past and creating the future of Erwin Township.  It collects, educates, and displays with deep pride the life and times of the hard-working pioneers and families of our township.  The Erwin Heritage Park makes Erwin Township a destination—it celebrates our heritage, tells our history, and promotes community well-being.

Needs:  From October 2021 through June 2022 volunteers will be needed to help restore the East End School, a historic one-room schoolhouse which will house our future museum.  Volunteers will be needed to assist with creating a walking/biking path throughout the 6-acre park, May through June 2022.  Volunteers are needed for special events/fundraisers, for example, our November 2021 Bake Sale and our June 2022 garage sale.

Skills:   Volunteers do need to provide their own transportation. Skills needed for the restoration of the schoolhouse include helping run electrical wire, install insulation, hang drywall and assist with mudding/taping, & interior painting.   Skills needed for the creation of the walking/biking path include shoveling dirt, picking rocks, use of a wheelbarrow, and the spreading of material along the path.  There will be lead individual supervision for both projects, and the ability to use power tools and follow a building plan would also be very helpful.  Fundraiser volunteers are needed to help with the bake sale and also with the garage sale.


Megan Noren:  meganjnoren@gmail.com


Mission:    Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  It is our goal that one day all children will wake up in communities that believe in them, nurture them, and provide the support they need to thrive.

Needs:    Our local club meets once a month to hold a business meeting, plan volunteer activities, and organize fundraisers.  We have several fundraising events throughout the year.

Skills:     All volunteers are welcome!  The only specific skill required is a desire to help the children in our community.



Tim Erickson, Community Development:  ericksont@cityofironwood.org

Mission:  Ironwood’s vision is to nurture the trails of our past and to build new trails for our future.

Needs:   The City has multiple boards and committees that need folks interested in volunteering to serve on:  Downtown Ironwood Development Authority; Ironwood Parks and Recreation Committee; Planning Commission; Ironwood Economic Development Corporation.

Time:   Monthly meetings for boards and commissions.  Some have voluntary sub-committees that meet monthly outside of regular full-board meetings.


Amy Nosal:  amy.nosal@wisc.edu


Mission:   Fe—the scientific symbol for iron, is also a symbol of the Gogebic Iron Range community of Iron County, WI and Gogebic County, MI.  Fe honors the past while walking towards the future.  For over a decade Fe has represented a shared identity in collaborative projects like the community calendar FeLiveLife.org, which promotes local events to residents and visitors alike.

Needs:  Volunteers firstly offer their support to FeLiveLife.org by adding their favorite events to the calendar, events that 1) occur in Gogebic or Iron Counties, 2) include the public as a primary audience, and 3) bring people together for a shared experience.  Volunteers with available time and interest are invited to be on the FeLiveLife.org event approval team & Facebook page, and/or participate in organizing collaborative events like the LGBTQ Pride UP June celebration.

Skills:    Skills and experience with website programs like WordPress, social media (Facebook and Instagram), and graphic design with programs like Canva are frequently used in the regular tasks that keep FeLiveLife.org running smoothly and successfully.




Mission:    To preserve and provide an iconic facility where everyone is invited to discover and enjoy the performing arts.

Need:   Regardless of your experience, skills, or time availability, the Historic Ironwood Theatre has a place for you!  Whether you are interested in doing one four-hour shift per week in the office, making popcorn, selling or taking tickets, ushering, operating a spotlight, tackling minor construction and maintenance jobs, organizing our costume room, or serving on a program, marketing or finance team, we’d love to hear from you.

Skills:    The skills required vary greatly from task to task.  Interested in the office?  Then some basic computer literacy and great customer service is required.  Maintenance?  It helps to know which end of a hammer to grab.  Lighting or sound technician—a keen interest and willingness to attend some training sessions.  Want to join the marketing team?  A little experience in social media and a creative eye for detail would help.  Costume Room Coordinator?  An interest in clothing and fashion, and great organizational skills.

Time:   The time commitment varies greatly from task to task, and also depends on how often YOU want to participate.  But a four-hour commitment per month would help us enormously.  We want you to enjoy your time with us, and have a meaningful experience.  Training, orientation, and ongoing support is provided.


Sharlene:  316-644-5562

Jeanne:  715-562-0216

Mission:  To promote the art of quilting and to help the community by making a variety of quilt products, including hospice quilts, blankets for children, catheter bags, chemo scarves, and quilts of valor for soldiers.

Needs:  Volunteers as you have the time and interest.

Skills:    Actually none!  We can teach you to sew!  We just need your commitment.

Time:    Throughout the year or as you are able.